Artificial Intelligence

The first artificial intelligence exhibition IAI2023 was held in Abbasi Hotel, Isfahan, with the aim of identifying and introducing the latest achievements and technological products in the field of artificial intelligence. In this event, the efforts of the organizers were to create the largest gathering between technology experts and prominent domestic and foreign researchers and university professors, experts interested in artificial intelligence, industries and other activists in this field.

smart buzzer

The buzzer Smart Panel introduces a remarkable feature that not only increases convenience but also significantly increases home security. This feature enables seamless access to all door opening events and allows you to effortlessly monitor and control people entering your premises, even when you are away. By installing the required software on your buzzer, you will be able to see the person standing behind the door and make a voice call using your mobile phone.

Face recognition system

The facial recognition system is a system that is able to recognize people based on artificial intelligence technology and deep learning algorithms. In a person’s image recognition system, the image recorded by the camera is examined according to the information in the database, and the person in the image is identified.

Laser cube

The Laser Cube is a highly portable battery operated RGB laser projector. It uses high-speed mirrors to blast laser beams around the site in 33,000 colors.