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Sepano Data Processing Company

We can build any software

Support System

With our powerful Sepano Help Desk Support System, we stay in touch with our customers.

Application Development

Sepano Engineers will help you gain more customers by developing your next cross-platform mobile application.

Web Development

Every successful business needs a website so Sepano Engineers will help you build your business by doing developing your next SEO powered and responsive website

Server Management

Hosting and Server Management is another service provided by Sepano's powerful engineering department

About Sepano

Sepano Data Processing company with its 14 years of activities in the Information Technology (IT) field and subfields such as Web and cross-platform Application Development, Corporate Portal Dashboards, and IoT projects, has been able to grow significantly among other software companies.

Sepano Co. has been able to grow across other cities in Iran. We can handle multiple projects with different topics in Information Technology and Software Engineering fields. This has been achieved by developing corporate portal dashboards for enterprise-level clients.

We tend to do system process design with the newest and most professional techniques and tools used by international corporates. Our software is test-driven and scalable with a large user base and maintainable codebase.

Our Services

WhatsApp Marketing

Sending mass messages and group advertisements in WhatsApp and WhatsApp marketing is a new and very low-cost method for modern advertising and is one of Sepano Data Processing Company services.

Web Design and Development

Website design and development is a crucial step for entering the field of E-Commerce. Shine in introducing your business with a professional website.

Mobile Application Design and Development

Designing an application and online store is one of the services of Sepano Data Processing Company. By using this service you can multiply your sales.

سئو سازی

SEO Services

With SEO, targeted audience will be directed to your website, which will have a great impact on your business.

Sales Management System

This CRM accompanies your business to achieve long-term goals.

Content Creation

Get a good rank in searches by producing appropriate and up-to-date content.

Our Specialties


Android Mobile Applications development is one of our specialty and we can develop any kind of app.


Drupal is the most secure and most powerful content management system and we can develop your next Drupal website.


We can develop your next business process management system to grow your business and sales.


Document Management Systems are used to store and archive large data such for data warehouse management.

Sepano Customers