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SEPANO corporate portal

The ability to be modular

Provide support services

With Sepano support system, we will always be with our customers at any time of the day or night

Mobile application design

Sepano developers will help you attract customers by building a platform with an attractive user interface

News website design

Managing and launching news websites and newspapers is another example of Spano's field of activity

Install & configure server ‌

Hosting and websites with optimal configuration are other services of Data Processing Company Espano.

About Sepano

Data processing company Sepano during 12 years of its activity in the field of informatics, with the support of major electronic archiving projects, corporate portals, as well as the production and development of web-based software and Android and iOS applications by customer order, has been able to grow its position significantly among other software companies.

Sepano Company has been able to demonstrate its capabilities in this field by carrying out electronic archiving projects in different cities of the country. Diverse access is another successful product from Spano.

Another service of this company is the comprehensive system of process design and management, the general advantages of which include the possibility of designing and producing forms and workflows with powerful engines of design and production of procedures.

our services

WhatsApp Marketing

Sending mass messages and group advertisements is a new and very low-cost method for modern advertising and is one of Sepano Data Processing Company services.

Web Design

Website design is a crucial step for entering the field of e_commerce. Shine in introducing your business with a professional website design.

Application design

Designing an application and online store is one of the services of Sepano Data Processing Company. By using this service you can multiply your sales.

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SEO services

With SEO, targeted traffic will be directed to your site, which will have a great impact on your business.

Sales management system

This CRM accompanies your business to achieve long-term goals.

Content production

Get a good rank in searches by producing appropriate and up-to-date content.

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Ship Now Online Courier Services
Flexible and user-friendly design
Android software development orders are accepted


Sepano corporate portal
Installation and development
Personal and corporate websites

What is BPMS?

Required resources Management
Process execution automation
Opportunity identification and process improvement

Document flow management

Document management software
Document management system
Providing organizational solutions

Spano customers

Spano customers