At Sepano Data Processing Company, we have been able to provide various services to hundreds of customers over the years. Customers who found our services useful for their business and have experienced long-term cooperation with us. On this page, you can see our records and services in various fields, including website design, content production, intelligent advertising, etc.

WhatsApp Marketing

Sending mass messages and group advertisements in WhatsApp and WhatsApp marketing is a new and very low-cost method for modern advertising and is one of Sepano Data Processing Company services.

Web Design and Development

Website design and development is a crucial step for entering the field of E-Commerce. Shine in introducing your business with a professional website.

Mobile Application Design and Development

Designing an application and online store is one of the services of Sepano Data Processing Company. By using this service you can multiply your sales.

سئو سازی

SEO Services

With SEO, targeted audience will be directed to your website, which will have a great impact on your business.

Sales Management System

This CRM accompanies your business to achieve long-term goals.

Content Creation

Get a good rank in searches by producing appropriate and up-to-date content.