Sales management system

Shipfood restaurant software is an intelligent program designed to manage restaurants, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, catering and kitchens, canteens, and food preparation centers. This restaurant software, which includes various sections, meets all your needs in restaurant accounting, sales, customer management, personnel and courier management, and hall and table management. Shipfood makes it unnecessary for you to use multiple software, and it makes management easier for you. Two of the crucial points considered in designing the restaurant management software are the simplicity of the software and the convenience of the users so that users can have access to the information as soon as possible. Finally, the speed and ease of use help users not to get confused with marginal and redundant elements.

One of the most important points that have been considered in the design of the restaurant management software is the simplicity of the software and the convenience of the users, which means that the user has access to the main information as soon as possible and finally the speed and ease of using this restaurant program. and not get confused with marginal and redundant elements.

Restaurant accounting
  • Accurate calculation of the cost of products
  • Accurate calculation of restaurant profit and loss
  • Management of current expenses and income
  • Registration and management of receivable and payable documents
  • Purchase invoice
  • Inventory control of products and goods
  • Management activities including finalizing documents and limiting user activity
  • Determining user access limits to all environments
  • Personalization of reports for each user
  • Installation on peripheral systems (client) in an unlimited number
Restaurant sales management
  • Registration of sales invoice
  • Invoice registration for customer, kitchen, and courier at the same time
  • Online ordering by tablet on the table
  • Invoice printing by the mobile printer
  • Controlling free, unsettled, reserved, and settled tables
  • Preparation of each food in the relevant
  • department by sending a printout specific to it
  • Registration of customer order amendment and immediate notification to the kitchen department
  • Creating various percentages and amount discounts when registering an invoice
  • Calculation of service fee, tax, and shipping fee
  • Assignment of the invoice to the courier when registering the invoice
Customer management
  • Ability to register, edit and delete customers
  • Introducing subscribers to implement the customer club and assign the customer club card to the customer
  • Unlimited categories of customers
  • Grouping of subscribers to send orders on the same route by courier
  • Sending SMS in different stages
  • The ability to specialize customers to set a special price
  • Customer familiarization with the company
  • Register customers’ date of birth, and marital status and send congratulatory SMS
  • Considering special customer discount