Digital Marketing and Content Production

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is any type of marketing of products and services that are done through electronic devices. In other words, digital marketing includes all marketing activities that take place through the Internet. Businesses use digital channels such as search engines, social networks, and other websites to connect with their current and potential customers. What is the role of digital marketing in companies? Traditional marketing is usually done in the form of print advertising, telephone communication with customers or in person, but the opposite of digital marketing occurs entirely online and electronically. In online marketing, using the Internet and the help of other digital tools communication with customers and the introduction of services happen more quickly and accurately. Areas of activity of Spano Data Processing Company in the field of digital marketing:

Web design
Free SEO analysis
Advertising on Google (Google AdWords)
Advertisements on Instagram

Content production

Content production is the process of generating thematic ideas that appeal to your buyers, that is, writing, designing, recording, or making anything that human beings can comprehend and publishing in various contexts such as blogs, videos, infographics, or other formats. Achieve goals such as monetization, media building, etc.

Content production means creating anything comprehensible to humans

Content production services in Data pardazesh Sepano Company

Generate textual content

Generating textual content means writing about a specific topic. But the textual content that is produced for businesses should be aimed at attracting an audience and promoting the growth and development of your business. Here at Spano Content Production Team, we use our experience to produce content with the highest SEO for you.

Advantages of producing textual content

Selected as a reference site
High audience attraction
Attract potential customers
Improve site ranking in search engines
High sharing on other social networks
Increase branding
Business growth and development

Generate visual content

One of the most popular digital marketing content is video content. As you know, in social media, video content attracts more attention than textual content, and also in producing it, less time and cost is spent compared to other content, and also the possibility of transferring more information in content. There is a video. If you do not use visual content, you will easily lose one of your marketing strategies.

Areas of activity of Spano Data Processing Company in the field of video content production:

Motion graphics
Video marketing
Online courses

Graphic Design

Technically, graphic design is the art of visual communication through textual photographs, symbols, and works of art that a graphic designer is responsible for doing; Graphic designers create visual concepts using computer or hand software. By doing so, they try to implement their inspirational ideas and use them in informing and communicating with consumers and beautifying the world around them. They design and develop the visual identity of companies, institutions and businesses large and small. Creating a beautiful world is one of the missions of a graphic designer.

Areas of activity of Data Processing Company Spano in the field of graphic design:

banner design

Logo design

Business card design

Photo retouch