About Us

About Sepano

Sepano Data Processing company with its 14 years of activities in Information Technology (IT) field and subfields such as Web and cross-platform Application Development, Corporate Portal Dashboards and IoT projects, has been able to grow significantly among other software companies.

Sepano Co, has been able to grow accross other cities of Iran. We can handle multiple projects with different topics in Information Technology and Software Engineering fields. This has been achieved by developing corporate portal dashboards for enterprise level clients.

We tend to do system process design with newest and most professional techniques and tools used by international corporates. Our softwares are test-driven and scalable with large user base and maintainable codebase.

AGILE Management

Agile management and Agile ideas are sets of principles and rules used by mostly enterprise software companies and their result lead to useful and powerful products with almost 100% customer satisfaction and motivated employees. In fact using this solution, makes the road to a powerful product easy and maintainable according to customer needs. In this method, customer and customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors in the process of producting the project. Also the customer is the only one who knows exactly what the project and software needs.

Customer satisfaction, flexible development process and motivated employees and engineers lead to a successful and enterprise-level company. Here at Sepano Data Processing Company, our goal has been achieved because of such methods.

Call Center

Sepano Data Processing also holds a call center with dozens of working operators ready to answer calls, submit orders for customers and handle customer support. They are accessible 24/7 because customer satisfaction is our priority. We provide multiple ways to hear from our customers. In addition to Call Center, we also provide dozens of poll links and poll forms to hear our customer suggestions, complaints, criticisms and thank you sentences. All these ways are for keeping customers close to ourselves and making a bridge between Call Center, Customer Support, Engineering Team, Management and Customers.



Our Team

Amir Erfani


Farzad Hendi


Azadeh Nasr

Product Manager

Sanaz Kabiri


Pirooz Jenabi


Radesh Farokh manesh

Senior Engineer

Melika Rezvani

Senior Engineer

Sepehr Mohseni

Senior Engineer

Shaghayegh Sharifi

Senior Engineer

Shakiba Moini zadeh

Head of Graphics Department

Hossein Makaremi nia

Senior Graphics Designer

Zahra Ashar nezhad

Marketing Manager

Zakie Soltanian

Marketing Manager

AzarDokht Pourhashem

Director of Public Relations

Erfan veisi

Senior Engineer

Amin Ramezani

Senior Engineer