Teach privacy to robots

Researchers are training robots to learn how to respect human privacy and maintain the necessary distance from humans.

Improving robots’ understanding of robots allows them to interact with humans while interacting with humans, and to communicate and interact with each person in a more respectful and appropriate manner.

Researchers at the National University of San Juan in Argentina say that during different interactions with each person, he has his own privacy that should be respected by others. This privacy varies according to the planned situation and tasks, cultural expectations, personal preferences, social conditions and so on.

According to these scientists, robots must respect the privacy of humans in order to be gradually accepted in human society, and therefore new control systems have been designed for them that regulate the movements and interactions of robots more accurately.

To design the mentioned system, the pattern of interaction of a leader and his subordinates in different environments is modeled and it is expected that the necessary programming and hardware measures in this field will be done in the next few months.