The Importance of Professional Website Design and SEO in the Success of Online Businesses

Your site is at the heart of your online e-commerce world. He did not think about the importance of professional website design and SEO for the success of an Internet business, but with the changes in Google algorithms in recent years and the beauty of site design and usability, managers realized that it was time to update and make the necessary changes. The sites have arrived.

Professional website design should be an important part of your online business strategy because it reflects your presence and identity. Just as a storefront can draw people into the store who do not even want to buy, a professional site can lead users who have entered the site through various channels to become customers and buy, which means profit. Collection for the collection.

Here’s how professional site design and SEO interact, and how using them together can help a collection grow.

Select the appropriate domain:

The most important part before starting the site design is choosing the right domain name. Whether the domain extension is ir or com or any other extension depends entirely on your personal opinion, the geographical area of ​​your contacts and the type of your activity, but all cases must buy the following points to buy Consider the domain:

Have the fewest possible letters and be easy to remember

Introduce your brand name and be as similar as possible to the pre-registered domain.

As far as possible the main keyword you are considering is used in the domain.

If your focus is on a specific country and you have no other audience, use the extension of that country

Test different extensions of a domain that has not been previously registered by your similar brand. For example, you have registered and a brand that has similar services to you has registered and the user does not know your site address. You may go to your competitor’s site by mistake and thus lose a number of your users.

To prevent brand abuse and registration of similar domains by competitors, it is recommended to register all the main extensions similar to your domain, and if your domain is .com, try to buy the .ir extension of the same domain.

Site speed:

Once you have chosen your desired domain, you should look for the right server to host your site. These days, thousands of domestic and foreign service companies sell hosts at different prices, and since there is no control over them and there is no reference. To classify the quality of service in these companies, it is really difficult for customers to choose, and there are companies that have often been forced to change their hosts due to low quality of service.

Important points to buy the right host:

The most important part of a host is its support. Imagine that during peak hours your site is suddenly cut off and the hosting company has no access except for a ticket. At this time every second is very valuable to you. A good support that quickly Take care of the issue and return the site to normal is really a blessing! So before buying hosts, be sure to check their support methods and definitely draw a line around the company that has been waiting for your answer for more than 2 hours.

Server location is also a very important point that you should pay attention to. If your users are only Iranian, then buy Iranian hosting from internal data centers, which also have good speed for internal users, but if your users are public and from all over the world to foreign hosting You need.

Examine the various plans in the companies to find out what facilities they offer you and do not have to pay extra in the future to get the facilities you need.

Do not sacrifice price for quality. No cheapness is unreasonable, so it is not worth it at all to buy it for less cost than companies and later experience thousands of different problems every day.

One way to find the right hosting is to look at the sites that the hosting company is in charge of, and naturally the more powerful the sites they host, the more quality and credibility they have.

Brands and large companies that want to have a strong presence in the online space usually initially move from VPS to a dedicated server over time and as the number of users increases.

Responsive Design Responsive Design

Now that the news has reached the professional design of the site, we should not forget the responsiveness of the site template. The number of people who use mobile phones, tablets and even smart TVs to view sites is increasing every day until last year the number of Internet users Mobile surpassed desktop users, and it was a warning that it was time for everyone to get ready for mobile.

In 2015, Google announced that it was gradually removing sites that do not display well on mobile phones from its results and called it MOBILEGEDDON, and even unveiled a framework called AMP for the convenience of mobile users. The site could use it to have a special mobile version of the site that displayed content to the user several times faster than normal.

Responsive site is a site that is displayed correctly in any size of mobile and computer screen and the user does not need to scroll left and right.


One of the most important factors in designing a professional site is paying attention to the user interface of the site.

The first thing that the user encounters after entering the site is its appearance, which if it has the necessary attractiveness can motivate the user to stay on the site.

Having a beautiful and modern site also shows your professionalism to the user, and this improves the status of your brand name on the Internet.

But what should be considered in the professional site design user interface:

Use of corporate color and brand identity in the overall view of the site

Use images with good quality and low volume

A complete main menu with links to the most important pages you know is important to the user

Responsive template design

Use a font with a suitable size that has the necessary readability and the user does not feel tired while reading articles

Use the right colors for the important sections you want the user to click on.

Minimize the use of ads and minimize the display of ads in different parts of the site

Insert social network codes

Use Breadcrumb to display the user’s current position

Create a sitemap and introduce it to Google

Create robots.txt file and cut off unnecessary access for Google crawlers

Nofollow outbound site links to avoid being penalized by Google

Open all site outbound links in a new window to prevent user outbound and reduce bounce rate

User experience:

The last part that is very important in designing a professional site is paying attention to the user experience, which is a very decisive and important factor in turning a normal user into a customer, and today there are experts whose job is only to help sites achieve the best. User experience for sites.

Appropriate user experience means that from the time a user enters your site, provide him / her with the necessary information and guide him / her to finally do the activity you want to do, and this activity can buy a product or subscribe to your newsletter. Be.

Factors to consider in improving the user experience:

Use the registration or purchase buttons in bold with a recognizable color in the required sections

Summarize the registration and contact forms and purchase and request the minimum information from the user

Put the company’s identity and contact information in the main menu and footer of the site to build trust

Position logos, logos, and even FATA police in a way that is easily visible to build trust

Publish previous customer feedback about your product or service

You must have come across sellers by visiting different stores, which sometimes sell you goods that you did not even intend to buy, with the kind of attitude and good manners! The user experience on the site performs exactly the same task as the seller, and after understanding the user’s needs, determines the best path for the user to reach the goal and guides him step by step.

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