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Why electronic archive !!!

Expanding the activities of the organization and increasing organizational exchanges creates a large volume of documents and files. This includes problems such as difficulty accessing documents, slow retrieval, and, most importantly, high maintenance costs. Consequences of these issues can be spent a lot of time personnel in storage and retrieval of documents, occupying a large amount of physical space to maintain these documents, concerns arising from the preservation and security of documents and the cost of purchasing and maintaining appropriate equipment for physical archiving documents. And … pointed out. At Spanoo Data Processing Company, we intend to provide an appropriate solution to help organizations solve the above issues, and for this purpose, we have designed a document archiving system with the following capabilities:

About Spano

A powerful web-based tool to generate the forms required by managers in the shortest possible time.
The form builder in the system allows the user to create forms with different formats. By designing the form, it is possible to search on its fields and also the possibility of online validation is one of the benefits of the designed forms. Among the facilities of the form maker, the following can be mentioned:
Dynamic form design by form builder management, possibility of storing information in the system file and database, possibility of sending form information automatically via email, possibility of determining the type of form fields by form maker management, possibility of searching on fields,
Ability to design an unlimited number of forms, no limit on the number of fields in each form

Sepano Report Builder

A powerful tool for preparing special and specialized reports by managers for effective decisions.
Preparing accurate and complex reports with the least amount of error and the highest possible speed is one of the basic needs of organizations, factories and commercial and economic enterprises. The rapid approach of organizations to reduce the volume of paper exchanges and the use of automated and electronic procedures in doing things requires a variety of accurate reports. Sepano Electronic Archiving Software In different parts of the software, it is possible to receive reports appropriate to the software management request. Receiving user reports, reporting files, accessing archives, etc. are among the items of Sepano Reporter.

User management and security of Spano software

In traditional and manual methods of document archiving, there is a possibility of manipulation, destruction, damage and even distortion, while with the electronicization of documents and the circulation of these documents electronically, the possibility of this is very low. One of the problems with the manual archiving system of documents is how to control access to them, which is limited to the physical structure of the archive. Restricting users’ access to information is another feature of the Sepano archiving system. By using the Spano archiving system, it is possible to regulate access to even the most detailed archival structures. Other security features of this system include logging all system events, from user login to changes and deletion of documents in the system by each user, which is the possibility of continuous and imperceptible control and monitoring of employee performance and the development of meritocracy. Provides.